At insanity slush we manufacture a range of slush syups and frappe powders specifically designed for our slush systems. All our premium syrups are designed to have your customers coming back..
Our most popular flavours are :

Insane Range:
This range of flavours are well suited to the convenience and food retail sector where the consumer is looking for a full flavoured and sweet frozen beverage. This range is specifically developed with a focus on a high sugar content, this in turn provides the consumer with the strong taste sensations.

99% Real Fruit Range:
When quality and realistic pricing are important, then our 99% Real Fruit Range is what you are looking for. With no added artificial sweeteners or preservatives in the syrups within this range, we pride ourselves in only using a 99% Real Fruit Concentrate to develop this range

Specialty Range, enquire now to find out more information
Sports slush, perfect for sporting grounds and sporting clubs Energy slush – used by a range of our customers in bars, clubs and in the general convenience market

Frappe Dairy and non-dairy – designed specifically for long shelf life in our slush machines. This range is sure to give your great profits from a creamy frozen beverage !

Ice-tea slush – used by a variety of fast food restaurants and specialty stores.